Printable Drawing List

Remodel of Station 62 and Storm Water Site Improvements, Clark County Fire District 6, Vancouver, WA - Addendum #2 Plans

S0.00 Structural General Notes
S0.10 Typical Details
S1.10 Foundation Plan
S1.30 Roof Framing Plan
S5.10 Concrete Details
S5.70 Wood Framing Details
M0.02 Schedules - Mechanical
P0.02 Schedules - Plumbing
P1.02 First Floor Demo - Plumbing
P1.10 Underfloor Plan - Plumbing
P1.11 First Floor - Plumbing
P5.10 Details - Plumbing
E1.01 First Floor Demolition Plan - Power
E1.10 First Floor Plan - Power
E1.20 First Floor Plan - Lighting
E5.20 Details - Electrical
E6.10 Schedules - Electrical