Printable Drawing List

Remodel of Station 62 and Storm Water Site Improvements, Clark County Fire District 6, Vancouver, WA - Station 62 Plans

G0.01 Title Sheet and Drawing Index
G1.10 Code Analysis
G1.11 Phasing Plan
S0.00 Structural General Notes
S0.10 Typical Details
S1.10 Foundation Plan
S1.30 Roof Framing Plan
S5.10 Concrete Details
S5.70 Wood Framing Details
A0.01 Typical Details
A1.01 First Floor Demolition Plan
A1.02 First Floor Demolition Reflected Ceiling Plan
A1.10 First Floor and Attic Plan
A1.11 First Floor Finish Plan
A1.12 Roof Plan
A1.20 First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan
A2.01 Demolition Elevations
A2.10 Building Elevations
A3.10 Building Sections
A3.20 Wall Sections
A4.10 Enlarged Plans
A4.11 Canopy Plan and Details
A4.20 Interior Elevations
A5.10 Exterior Details
A5.20 Interior Details
A5.21 Interior Floor Details
A6.10 Door and Window Schedule
M0.01 Symbols List and General Notes - Mechanical
M0.02 Schedule - Mechanical
M1.01 First Floor Demolition Plan - HVAC
M1.10 First Floor Plan - HVAC
M1.11 Roof Plan - HVAC
M5.10 Details - Mechanical
P0.01 Symbols Lists and General Notes - Plumbing
P0.02 Schedules - Plumbing
P1.01 Underfloor Demolition Plan - Plumbing
P1.02 First Floor Demolition Plan - Plumbing
P1.10 Underfloor Plan - Plumbing
P1.11 First Floor - Plumbing
P5.10 Details - Plumbing
E0.01 Symbols Lists and General Notes - Electrical
E0.02 Luminaire Schedule
E1.01 First Floor Demolition Plan - Power
E1.10 First Floor Plan - Power
E1.11 Roof Plan - Power
E1.20 First Floor Plan - Lighting
E4.10 One-Line Power Distribution Diagram - Electrical
E5.20 Details - Electrical
E6.10 Schedules - Electrical